A SmarTrip card is a reusable card which can be used to pay fares on many DC area transportation Systems, including the city's subway system, Metro, MetroBus, DASH, Ride On, Fairfax Connector, ART, CUE, Loudoun County Transit, Omniride, TheBus, DC Circulator, Maryland Transit Administration Local Bus, and Light Rail. SmarTrip can also pay for parking at Metro parking lots. When riding passing through Metro gates, or reaching a bus pay station, simply place the card over the SmarTrip card sensor to scan the card and pay your fare.

Convenience and Savings

SmarTrip cards offer many features and cost savings opportunities:

  • SmarTrip cards work on many local transportation systems.
  • Cards can be registered and managed online, and once registered, value can be transfered to another card if lost or stolen.
  • Allow for cost savings when transferring between Metro and Metrobus, or bus to bus.
  • SmarTrip cards can hold up to $300, and can be set up to reload automatically.

Purchasing SmarTrip

SmarTrip cards cost $2.00 and can be purchased online, at Metro stations, sales offices, commuter stores. Cards are available for $10 or $30, and come loaded with $8 or $28 respectively.

Various SmarTrip cards can be purchased, and cards can be loaded with different special options:

  • Disability cards are available online with proper ID and offer reduced fares.
  • Senior SmarTrip cards are available with proper ID from Metro sales offices or commuter stores, and offer reduced fares.
  • A 28-day pass ($230) can be loaded on to an existing SmarTrip card at metro stations or online
  • A 7-day pass ($57.50) can be loaded on to an existing SmarTrip card at metro stations or online
  • A 7-Day Regional Bus Pass ($16) can be loaded on to an existing SmarTrip card at the Metro Sales Office, regional transit store or select retail outlets.

SmarTrip FAQs

How do I use my SmarTrip card?

Metro entry gates and bus payment kiosks have a sensor on top with the SmarTrip logo. Touch or 'tap' your card flat against the sensor for it to read. At Metro stations, you do not need to wait for the gates to close before scanning. As soon as you balance shows up on the gate's LCD screen you are good to go.

How do I add money to my SmarTrip card?

Money can be loaded onto SmarTrip cards at FareCard machines (located in Metro stations just outside the gates), at bus payment kiosks, or online. When loading your card with a FareCard machine or on a bus, touch the card to the machine's sensor, add payment with cash or credit card, and touch the card to the sensor again to confirm the purchase. Online, register your card and add funds once or set up automatic funding.

Where can I purchase a SmarTrip card?

SmarTrip cards can be purchased online, at SmarTrip vending machines in all Metro stations, commuter stores and regional transit stores, Metro Sales office, and some pharmacies and grocery stores. A list is available here.

A senior SmarTrip card can be purchased by individuals over 65 at these locations. The special card offers reduced rates on busses and Metro.

A disability SmarTrip card requires a Metro disability ID card. Instructions for obtaining this card and a disability SmarTrip card are available here.

Does everybody need their own SmarTrip card?

All riders must have their own SmarTrip card while traveling. However, up to two children under five may ride with an adult for free.

SmarTrip Card Price Reduction

On October 1, 2013 WMATA will decrease the cost of SmarTrip cards to $2.


  • $2 + preloaded value
  • 1-day Pass $14.75
  • 28-Day Fast Pass $230
  • 7-Day Fast Pass $60
  • 7-Day Short Trip Pass $38.50 (Free trips up to $3.85 during peak hours; free other times)
  • 7-Day Regional Bus Pass $17.50


  • Metro
  • MetroBus
  • DASH
  • Ride On
  • Fairfax Connector
  • ART
  • CUE
  • Loudoun County Transit
  • Omniride
  • TheBus
  • DC Circulator
  • Maryland Transit Administration Local Bus
  • Light Rail
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