What is Amtrak?

Amtrak is a rail service in the United States. It is federally funded, but operats as a for-profit corporation. The system provides rail service to must US states and parts of Canada.

What Amtrak Lines pass through Washington, DC?

Washington DC itself is a hub for Amtrak. Many lines travel through Union Station, located just blocks from the US Capitol Building.

LineKey Stations
[Acela Express](, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC
[Cardinal]( York, Washington, DC, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago
[Capitol Limited](, DC, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago
[Carolinian]( York, Washington, DC, Raleigh, Charlotte
[Northeast Regional](, Providence / Springfield, Hartford, New York, Washington, DC, Lynchburg / Richmond, Petersburg, Norfolk / Newport News, Virginia Beach
[Crescent]( York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, New Orleans
[Silver Service]( York, Washington, DC, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa/Miami
[Vermonter]( Albans, Burlington, Springfield, New York, Washington, DC

Where can I find an Amtrak station?

Amtrak serves Washington, DC at Union Station, a major hub for the system and Amtrak headquartes. There are several other stations in the area.

Stations within 40 miles of Washington, DC:

StationLinesConnecting Metro Station / Airport
[Washington, DC]( Express, Cardinal, Capitol Limited, Carolinian, Northeast Regional, Crescent, Silver Service, VermonterUnion Station
[Alexandria, VA](, Carolinian, Northeast Regional, Crescent, Silver ServiceKing Street Station
[New Carrollton, MD]( Regional, VermonterNew Carrollton Station
[Rockville, MD]( LimitedRockville Station
[Burke, VA]( Regional
[Lorton, VA]( Train
[Woodbridge, VA]( Regional
[Manassas, VA](, Northeast Regional, Crescent
[BWI Airport, MD]( Express, Northeast Regional, VermonterBaltimore Washington International Airport
[Quantico, VA](, Northeast Regional
[Baltimore, MD]( Express, Cardinal, Carolinian, Northeast Regional, Crescent, Silver Service, Vermonter

Where can I buy Amtrak tickets and learn more?

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